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Here are the basics!


Adults – $20 Per Day
Youths – $10 Per Day
Veteran, Police, Firefighter, EMT – $10 Per Day

Eye & Ear Protection – $3 Per Person, Per Session
Individual Eyes or Ears – $1.50 Each
Targets – $1.50 Each

For even more savings, ask one of our team members to help you choose which of our memberships is right for you.


Single Gun Rental – $10
Unlimited Gun Rentals – $20

For a complete list of available rental guns, contact us today or speak to one of our experienced team members when you visit our facility.

Ammunition is not included in the price of firearm rentals.
All rental firearms must use ammo purchased from AHGR.
Rental charges apply to the party and not per person.

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Always keep firearms pointed in a safe direction – muzzle down range.
Keep finger off trigger until ready to fire.
Keep firearm unloaded until on the firing line and ready to fire.
Eye and ear protection is required at all times.
Ensure that your firearm is safe to operate before entering the range.
Do not draw or shoot from holsters unless you are in a Range-approved training program or event.
Never attempt to retrieve anything that falls forward of the firing line.
Behind the firing line, all firearms must be holstered, bagged or boxed.
If a misfire or other malfunction occurs, keep the muzzle pointed down range.


A maximum of 3 shooters is allowed on any one lane.
Only 1 shooter is allowed in the shooting stall at any time.
The following are NOT ALLOWED on the range
• NO firearms over .308 caliber
• NO shotguns (except for those used with 00B, 000B, or slugs ammunition)
• NO pistol-grip shotguns
• NO steel core, armor piercing, tracer, or incendiary ammunition
• NO fully automatic firearms without prior approval of the RSO
Never aim higher than your target. PLEASE DO NOT SHOOT THE LIGHT FIXTURES!
Rapid fire is permitted on the range, but please obtain prior approval from the RSO.
You will be held financially responsible for any damage caused by your actions on the range.
Shooting a light fixture will cost you $300.


A Range Safety Officer (RSO) will be assigned to the range.
Always obey the directives of the RSO.
When you hear the command “CEASE FIRE”, place your firearm on the shelf, back away from the shooting stall and wait for instructions from the RSO.
Ask the RSO for assistance in cases of misfire or malfunction. Place the firearm on the shelf with muzzle pointed down range.
The RSO may inspect and restrict any firearm or ammunition being used on the range.


Be courteous to others so as not to interfere with their enjoyment of the range.
Do not consume alcoholic beverages or prescription medication that may impair your mental or physical alertness.
No food or beverages are allowed on the range.
No smoking is allowed on the range.
A responsible adult must accompany all minors (under the age of 18)
No one under the age of 10 is allowed on the range.
Pregnant women and persons with medical concerns should consult a physician before engaging in range activities.


Of course, you can enjoy our facility without a membership, but our members enjoy additional savings and benefits. We are proud to offer a variety of membership options. Find one that’s right for you.

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